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MSM765 SOAP API + built in web server documentation

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MSM765 SOAP API + built in web server documentation

We have a bunch of MSM765 controllers running SW version I'm in the process of writing some custom ASP pages for the build in web server, and write a custom ticket system by consuming the SOAP API.


So, my questions are:


1.) Where can I get information about the build in web server? If you take a look at the index.asp file that comes with the controller, you'll notice the part at the very top saying:

/* This function will initialize a bunch of access_* ASP variables. */
	/* Those variables are now accessible for ASP code:
	 * - access_free
	 * - access_purchase
	 * - etc... (see documentation for complete list).

 Now, where can I get the documentation this line is referring to ("see documentation for complete list")? How can i dump all the access_* variables? Where can I find a list of those variables? And, where can I find a list of buit in functions like the GetOriginalUrl(); function?


Also, the latest SOAP API documentation from HP is v5.5.0 (http://h17007.www1.hp.com/us/en/support/software/misc.aspx) which is very dated, to say the least. Where can I get a newer version? The old documentation contains a lot of deprecated hints, and I want to know what changed since 2011. Now I know I can generate a proxy using the WSDL file any time, but this is no real documentation to me, just a list of supported operations without meaningful context.

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Re: MSM765 SOAP API + built in web server documentation



I have not found any recent doc myself, so I would recommend opening a support ticket and see if they can provide some updated doc...


Best regards,Peter.

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Re: MSM765 SOAP API + built in web server documentation

You can get the WSDL file on the controller

Controller -> Management -> SOAP