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problem with expanded dhcp scope

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problem with expanded dhcp scope

Hi all,

we had a guest wireless vlan network that was working just fine except for the fact that we ran out of addresses.  On the DHCP server, I removed the scope and re-created it with another mask to double the addresses. Any client that gets an address from the original pool can access the internet ok, but a client that get an address from the expanded part of the scope can't get to the internet.

original scope

new scope

any client with an address of 10.200.104.x to 10.200.105.x can get out ok, and client with an address of 10.200.106.x or 10.200.107.x can only see the internal router, nothing else.

Proven by using static ip in each range.

The wireless clients go through a hp 5406zl (J8697a) switch that is then cabled to the router (cisco 2921).

the VLAN info on the switch was modified to match the new DHCP scope, and the vlan info on the router was modified as well. Everything looks good in the configs, so why can't the 106.x or 107.x client see the internet?

The wireless networks are controlled by an MSM765, but I could not find anything in the MSM765 that would cause this, as it only references the vlans and doesn't seem to be able to modify them.

I think the problem could be in the router, since that's as far as the "bad" clients can get, but I am at a loss as to how to proceed from here.