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ACU on MSA1500 keeps flashing LEDs after exit

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ACU on MSA1500 keeps flashing LEDs after exit

I manage an MSA1500 remotely by RDP to an attached server and running ACU. Sometimes when I have connected to locate a disk for local resources to swap out, the amber LED continues to flash even after exiting ACU and logging off the server. I get a call later that the drive is still flashing and have to log back into the server, start up ACU, select something else in the array, then exit ACU and log off the server multiple times before the amber LEDs will stop flashing. Sometimes if I select the controller and exit ACU, all the disks in the array will flash even after exiting.


Is there an exit procedure that will guarantee the locator LEDs will stop flashing after exiting the ACU ?


I am selecting the "Exit ACU" to properly exit, not just closing the window using the X.


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