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AJ763A HBA with Virtual HBA and Hyper-V

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AJ763A HBA with Virtual HBA and Hyper-V



I'm trying to set up Fibre Storage in a Hyper-V VM on a HPDL380 G8. Unfortunately when rebooting a VM the host will hang and then BSOD with DPC_Watchdog_error. This only happens on the HBA connected VMs and after using Windbg on the memory dump I can confirm that it is the Host HBA driver that is causing the crash. I have tried updating to the latest drivers ( and updated the firmware to latest (2013.02.02) and when that didn't work and in some cases made it worse I tried the Microsoft Signed drivers ( Has anyone experienced any similar issues?



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Re: AJ763A HBA with Virtual HBA and Hyper-V

I am experiencing similar behavior right now.  The host's HBA is a QMH2562 mezz card in a BL490 G6 blade.  That server model is not supported by HP with Windows Server 2012, so we're using it as a test environment for Hyper-V.  I can reproduce the problem most easily by adding two different Virtual SANs in the Hyper-V MMC in Virtual SAN Manager, each time clicking just one of the WWNN/WWPN checkboxes (vs. adding only one Virtual SAN and checking both boxes).


If I add just one Virtual SAN in the Hyper-V MMC and have just one VM with a virtual HBA installed and powered up, things seem to work well.  NB: I haven't provisioned any LUNs to this virtual HBA yet, I don't know if even just a single VM can access the SAN.  If I power on a second VM that has a virtual HBA in it, the host and VMs can become unresponsive.  Then the host crashes with a CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED error on the blue screen.


I just recently built this server using the most recent HP-SUM, so it should be pretty up-to-date.  The filename of the ISO I used says "2013.02"