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Add new disk to DiskGroup MSA 2050

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Add new disk to DiskGroup MSA 2050

Hi, can't find option, web or CLI where add new disk for GroupDisk DG01.

Can you tell me how to add disk to gropu to expand volume.

If no option, then  correct solusion remove diskgropu and recreated new one ?

Then deleted all data Storage !!!


Thank's For Help



Re: Add new disk to DiskGroup MSA 2050

Hi Daw,

If you are just adding a new disk group you can do this through either the System Management Utility (SMU) or CLI.

SMU - Pools topic on the left hand tree > Action > Add Disk Group

CLI - # add disk-group type virtual disks 1.17-20 level r6 pool a

However, you are stating that you wish to add the disk-group in order to expand a volume. If you have overcommit on the Pool for the volume you wish to expand disabled, then you can only expand the volume to the the physical capacity of the pool. For example, if Pool A has overcommit disabled and is 100GB your volume V1 can only by 100GB.

To determine whether overcommit is enabled in the CLI issue: # show pools

Be careful in enabling overcommit if it is not enabled currently. To learn more about thin provisioning you can read the MSA SMU Guide. Also, you cannot expand the size of a replication volume. 

If you have the physical space to add another disk-group, use either one of the two methods outlined above to add a new disk-group. Once the disk-group has been added, you can then expand a volume, for example volume V1. You will need to issue the following command in the CLI.

CLI - # expand volume size 100GB V1

In case it is needed here are links to our guides.



Also, the MSA2050 has a new firmware release, VL270R001-01. I suggest you should upgrade to the latest firmware first before adding disk-groups or volume expansion. If you need a link to the firmware or release notes please access our MSA Firmware here:



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Re: Add new disk to DiskGroup MSA 2050

Fully agree with Shawn

I just want to add one more thing as you have asked, it's not possible to add new disk to existing Virtual Disk Group in MSA2050. In this array only option to increase space is by addition of new Virtual Disk Groups to existing Pool. 

MSA2050 only supports Virtual Array and this is not supporting Linear array like P2000 or MSA2040 where you can add new drive to enhance existing Virtual Disk size.


Hope this helps!

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