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Adding a Vdisk to EVA and extending VG

Mauro Livi
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Adding a Vdisk to EVA and extending VG

I asked this some time ago but was never able to implement due to other priorities. Last time I asked I got varying opinions so I'll ask again.


1) I have an EVA4400 (version 0953400) with available disk space to allocate.  I have a group of 4 Vdisks each of 225GB. I intend to add (i.e. create) another 225GB Vdisk (i.e. LUN) to this group and present it to the host.


2) My HPUX is an rp4440 at 11.11 (so I know that vgmodify is not available). Considering the following vgdisplay:


--- Volume groups ---

VG Name /dev/vg02

VG Write Access read/write

VG Status available

Max LV 255

Cur LV 7

Open LV 7

Max PV 16

Cur PV 4

Act PV 4

Max PE per PV 50000


PE Size (Mbytes) 32

Total PE 28792

Alloc PE 28776

Free PE 16

Total PVG 0

Total Spare PVs 0

Total Spare PVs in use 0


Once the new Vdisk is created and presented (in step 1 above) I should be able to:


3) Run vgextend on vg02

4) Extend (i.e. lvextend) any lvol on vg02 at this point


I know I can also create a new VG, but I thought the steps above would be the least painless way to add additional space. So, does my process above look correct?


Thanks in advance for any input.



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Re: Adding a Vdisk to EVA and extending VG

Yes, you can do these steps which is the quickest way.


If you can split the additional space to a separate file system, you may go for a new LV with the new LUN.




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Mauro Livi
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Re: Adding a Vdisk to EVA and extending VG

Thank you Hari...that's what I thought