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Adding a new host on my SAN - part 2

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Cyber DO
Occasional Contributor

Adding a new host on my SAN - part 2

I had this problem at one point:

"I have recently been assigned the responsibility of maintaining the SAN infrastructure (SANWorks Storage Management Appliance, 2 HSG80 controllers, 2 Fiber switch 16, one MDR and Tape Library). We already have two servers (hosts) attached to the SAN infrastructure. I would like to add a new one (Windows 2000 professional) but I don't know how to do it. I have installed one 64-bit PCI-TO-Fibre Channel Host Adapter in the server with the fiber cable connected to one of the switch, I have installed SecurePath v3.1A (client and server), I have installed the StorageWorks Large LUN for Windows. When I start the HSG Element Manager web application from the Management Appliance, I can't see this new host. I have tried to reset both controllers. How do I add this host?"

Then I received the following advise from Sheldon Smith:

Check the switch. Do you see the WWN of the host adapter on the switch? If so, check any zones. The new host would need to be added to the appropriate zone(s) on the switch.

Sheldon was wright and my server is now a member of the same zone that the other servers are in.

However, I still can't see this host in the HSG Element Manager web application from the Management Appliance. Is there anything else that needs to be done to have the controllers know about this new host other than the zone?

I have added this connection manually using the command "add connections" on the HSG80 CLI and this connection appeared with a status of "offline connection".

What should I do now?

Valued Contributor

Re: Adding a new host on my SAN - part 2

Did you save the configuration on the switch, and ensure the new zone is in the active configuration.

The connections should have come automatically on the controllers as new connectionxx!, which you would have to rename.

That's the easiest, and surest method.
Have never had to do manual addition of new connections, so I'm not sure of those steps....

Hope this helps,
Regular Advisor

Re: Adding a new host on my SAN - part 2

You need to install the storageworks management kit for new host.
And pls check the element manager IP address with new host IP address,if they can see other.
Cyber DO
Occasional Contributor

Re: Adding a new host on my SAN - part 2

Thanks Orrin,

You were wright, all I had to do is save the switch configuration and then enable it. It works like a charm now.

So, all you really need on a new host is the proper driver for your PCI-to-Fiber channel host adapter and SecurePath s/w. Then you can also use LightPulse Utility for updating the firmware on the PCI-to-Fiber card.