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Re: Command view 7.0 does not discover the EVA

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Command view 7.0 does not discover the EVA

I am doing a new installation on an appliance dl360 management to turn it into a dedicated server with Windows 2003. For this operation I have guarded 2 disks of the appliance of backup.In few days I am going to install one new Eva8100,BC,CA and I plan to install command view 7.0
The problem is that I install perfectly but command view v7 does not do discover of the Evas, I have tried with the driver for default and with Storport driver in the HBAs, but it( is not capable of seeing the EVA5000.
It is not a problem of zones in the switches.
When I return to put the discs with the version of the Appliance command view it works perfectly with the Eva 5000.
Someone has had this experience or can help me?

Re: Command view 7.0 does not discover the EVA

The Instant-on licensing for CV-7.0 should permit you to operate for 180 days.

visit for the license key

Have you configured a new OCP password for the array and registered it with the new version of CommandView? The OCP password on the array must match the password enabled in CommandView.

See the HP StorageWorks Command View EVA User Guide at