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Creating Logical Drives

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Creating Logical Drives

In the old days I use to create a different partition for each use, HR would get their own partition and Finance would get their own etc. This was to help with fragmentation and performance. We are moving to a MSA1510i connected to a MSA 30. Is it better to create one huge logical drive and move all the departments to it or are smaller logical drives better? What is the best practice?

Martin Smoral
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Re: Creating Logical Drives

You could use your old partition plan but instead of Partitions, Create Logicals. You might be more interested in whether to create one Big Array with multiple logicals for Finance, HR..etc. Or Should you create multiple Arrays and only create one Logical per Array. There are pluses and minuses to both. 1-1=better isolation of application, more fault tolerance but more disk space overhead, 1-many=better performance/more spindles, less fault tollerance/if the array goes down then all the logicals on it go down.