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Documentation needed

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Documentation needed

Hello All,

I am trying to document the process of how data gets written to a lun and then what happens when it is deleted. Specifally I have been tasked with documenting how I can be certain that when something gets deleted it can be wiped clean.

I would also be interested in any documentation that shows rate of change for any particular block once the file has been deleted.

I realize this is pretty broad and that there are lots of variables that would go into change and over-write type of stuff. I would be interested in any documents no matter how remote they may appear. I need to have a leg to stand on as it were when asked to prove that something that is deleted is truly gone... or as close to truly as I can get.


Sean McMurtry
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Re: Documentation needed

Hi Keith ,
Found this link , hope it helps , scroll half way down the page , first half is full of nothing.