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ESXi Host unable to see LUN on MSA 2050

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ESXi Host unable to see LUN on MSA 2050


I have an ESXI 6.0 host which is part of a cluster.  All other host can access the LUNS created on my 2050, however this one particular host is unable to detect any luns./datastores. 

This same host can access luns/datastores on another storage appliance using iSCSI with out any issues.  My IQNs and IPs all look correct and this host is configured the exact same as the other host in my clusters.

in vmware, when I click on the storage devices, the host sees the HPE iSCSI Enclosure but no disks/luns.

At a loss as to why this host will not detect the LUN I created.


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Re: ESXi Host unable to see LUN on MSA 2050


Make sure Iscsi initiator name does not have any uppercase letter involve.if there is any  select the vmhba, go to its properties, then  under general tab>configure tab and then reconfigure iSCSI initiator name in lower case  .

After applying these changes , redo-the discovery  and rescan it . Sometimes you need to reboot the ESXI host as well after applying these chages.

Let me know if solve your issue.


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Re: ESXi Host unable to see LUN on MSA 2050


if the host has no Luns from MSA at the moment you can delete the

host on the MSA and let the MSA discover it.

Also sometimes if the mapping is part of a host group there are problems

try to map LUN directly to the host



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Re: ESXi Host unable to see LUN on MSA 2050

I did notice that the iSCSI Software initiator did have capitals in the name which included the ESXi host name in the initiator.  I didnt see this post till after but I ended up disabling (removing) the software initiator from the host, rebooting the host and reading.  When it was added back it had no capital letters in the initiator name and I was able to connect to the LUNs on the MSA.

Thank you for the reply back!