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EVA 6100 Read Performance

Paul .
Occasional Advisor

EVA 6100 Read Performance

I have a customer with two EVA SANs - (1) EVA 6100 w/ two disk groups and (1) EVA 4000 with two disk groups.

The EVA 6100 appears to operate sufficiently with write operations, but the read operations are extremely slow when comparing with the 4000 SAN.

Pathing is optimized, etc, etc...

The FC disk group has a total of 56 disks on the 6100. I'm lucky to get 2500MB per minute (read) when the controller is running practically idle.

From the same host, the EVA 4000 easily operates at 6000+ MB per minute.

LUN size and vDisk type are configured using vRAID 5.

vRAID 1 offers little improvement.

Assistance would be greatly appreciated!
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA 6100 Read Performance

Let me guess ... the slow system is runing XCS V6.110?

Log a call with HP and request a small analysis with EVAperf - I bet the system is hit by the prefetch bug. The fix is to upgrade to XCS V6.200.
Paul .
Occasional Advisor

Re: EVA 6100 Read Performance

Thanks for the heads up - I'll open the call asap.

What happens if my customer can't upgrade to CommandView 8.x?

6.2 requires 8.x and 6110 is the minimum version supported by the 6100 SAN!