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EVAperf app

Tom de_1
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EVAperf app

I was just about to start a PHP site for using EVAperf data for our EVA's ( two 8000's, one 5k ). And then I thought someone has probably already done this...

So does anyone have an app, in any form, that parses EVAperf data nicely?


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Re: EVAperf app

If anyone has responded, please let me know.

I'm frequently asked by system admins if the system is busy- I have automated EVA perf to run, but it's not exactly a walk in the park analysing the data. We haev Storage Essentials configured now, which has pretty graphs- But I find it doesn't give near the data evaperf does.


ALso, I'd be interested in knowing what the averages are, and what point we should be concerned. IE, I've seen our Controller CPU spike at 47% (Normall7 around 10%)
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Re: EVAperf app

When EVAPerf is installed there is a file called *evaperf-tlviz-format.exe* which will parse the EVAPerf csv file into multiple csv files. Once you have those files it is much easier to manipulate. You can use TLViz to view the files in a graph. TLViz can be downloaded from here:

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Re: EVAperf app

Shivinator- Thanks!

It's working, I can now see clear graphs. I'm still unsure as to the stats- what alarm bells should I be looking for?

Specifically, our ESX and one of our SQL clusters are getting disk IO errors.They beleive it's the san- is there a doc out there anywhere that tells me what's normal for an EVA,a nd at what point you've reached the max throughput?