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Enterprise Backup Solution

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Enterprise Backup Solution

I have just implemented an enterprise backup solution for three servers. My components include:
-hp StorageWorkd Robotic Library MSL5000 series
-network storage router e1200-160
-compaq StorageWorks fibre channel SAN Switch
2/8el (with SW 2x FC Transceivers)
-hp StorageWorks fca2355 dual channel PCI host
bus adapter

I have implemented a similar solution using the n1200 storage router and I didn't have any problems. i am having problem with the e1200 router. I have configured the router and it discovered the SCSI Bus devices (Robotic Library) but it didn't discover the fibre channel port devices (hosts). I have disconnected the SAN switch and connected directly to one of the Hosts but it still didn't discover it. What can i do.


Re: Enterprise Backup Solution

How is this zoned? Do you have all the hosts zoned with the NSR port(s)? Check that.
Also, you need to read the User Guide very carefully with regards to the port mapping and discovery configuration.
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