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Error initializing disk

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Error initializing disk



I have a MSA1000, 8 HP DL380G4 servers with 2 QLOGIC FC cards each one, connected to two StorageWorks 2/8 FC Switch.


Each server is connected to the FC switch via each FC QLOGIC card, for redundancy.


Also, MSA1000 is connected to FC switch via two FC cards.


Well, on one of the servers with W2k8 R2 have installed HP MPIO DSM manager and MS MPIO.


On MSA, I've created two LUN's, and assigned to the FC cards of this server.


The issue is that I see both LUNS on server, they appear correctly on HP MPIO DSM, but can't initilize.


I got an error "worng function", and on event viewer:


VDS fails to write boot code on a disk during clean operation. Error code: 80070001@02070008


Does anybody know how to solve this?




Once rebooted,

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