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Expanding Logical Disks on MSA1000

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Expanding Logical Disks on MSA1000

We've placed a new MSA1000 with 8 disks (10 logical disk partitions). At the last moment the customer decided to add another disk to the Array. When we added the disk the Array started to expand, this took us almost two days. Now I want to use the unused disk space to expand a logical disk and a new expansion proces started. Is there a faster method to do this or is this normal ? The Customer is running W2K and the clients are now complaining about the performance :(
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Re: Expanding Logical Disks on MSA1000


I am not sure if it is the case with the MSA, but in past experience with SMART based RAID controllers, I have only been able to extend the last logical partition. Maybe someone could confirm this is the case for the MSA as well.

I would urge against using W2K volume sets, these can be an issue if you ever need to rebuild.