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Factory reset Management Module on EVA P6300


Factory reset Management Module on EVA P6300

Does anyone know how to factory reset the Management Module on a P6300? 

Through CV it looks like it has previosuly been configured with a static address, even with my laptop on the same subnet as the static address i can't get onto the web interface. 

I just wonder if there is a way to factory reset it?  There is no console connection on it, i have tried holding the reset button for 10 seconds just seems to reboot the management module.


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Re: Factory reset Management Module on EVA P6300

The manual says

"Press and hold the recessed Reset button for 4 to 5 seconds. This sets an IP address of
1 92. 1 68.0. 1 in private address space"

Hope this helps!

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Re: Factory reset Management Module on EVA P6300

Do you get a ping-reply?

What ports are you connecting to? 2372/2373/2374?


It is posible to disable Command View functionality on the wocp card but the web interface for the card itself should be avaliable. If the card is powered down you can try to re-seat it to get the power back on.