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Re: Firmware Downgrading process in P2000 G3 FC

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Firmware Downgrading process in P2000 G3 FC



Tomorrow i am going to perform a firmware upgrade on MSA P2000 G3 FC dual controller, where partner firmware update is enabled. I am assuming this will lead to the updation of each controller one by one without power cycling. What if, my firmware upgrade activity is stuck in between and failed. How can I downgrade it to the original firmware version? Please let me know, as I need to put it in action plan and send to the customer. I am upgrading from firmware T230P03 to TS250P003.





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Re: Firmware Downgrading process in P2000 G3 FC

If it really goes wrong you probably cannot downgrade because the controller may be no longer work.

But don't worry, this works.

You have 3 ways to do the upgrade.

1) download and unpack the windows firmware bundle, connect to the web frontend of the first controller and use the update tool. With partner firmware enabled this will upadte both controllers, without PFU enabled, you need to update each controller manually.

2) download the windows firmware bundle and run it. It will automatically use PFU

3) ftp the extracted firmware to the controller. same behaviour for PFU like in 1)

I prefer ftp with PFU disabled, the fastest and most reliable.

The release notes have all the steps.

Hope this helps!

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