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Firmware downloads P2000 G3 and MSA 2040

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Firmware downloads P2000 G3 and MSA 2040

Hi guys,

I'm running into a bit of a problem with downloading the latest firmware for our P2000 G3 and MSA 2040 storage devices. In the past I could download them very easy from the product support site. 

Unfortunately you need to login with your HP Passport account with the device support contracts attached. This is a problem since our support contracts are outsourced to a 3rd party company. 

Since they cannot deliver the firmware and I don't have the actual HP carepack support contract info I'm not able to download the latest versions of firmware to keep my devices up-to-date. 

Can anyone help me out in finding a way to be able to download the firmware in a different way?

Hope you can help.

Cheers, Quintijn


Re: Firmware downloads P2000 G3 and MSA 2040

Hello Quintijn,

Most of HPEs firmware and software is moving to the Entitlement process where you will be required to have a HPE Passport to access downloads. In a case like yours, the 3rd party company who is handling your support contract is the one who will be able to supply you with the firmware downloads you require.

Just as an FYI you can refer to the following page for the latest information about current firmware for the MSA arrays:

Hopefully this will help you to know the latest firmware to request from your 3rd party supplier.


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Re: Firmware downloads P2000 G3 and MSA 2040

HPE stopped providing firmware free of cost for his devices..........anyone can get the firmware through proper support contract only..........there is no other alternative possible


Hope this helps!

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I work for HPE
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Re: Firmware downloads P2000 G3 and MSA 2040

Thank you both! I was already affraid this was the case. I contacted the supplier once more and hope they are willing to help.