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Forgetful QLogic HBA

Occasional Advisor

Forgetful QLogic HBA

Hey guys,

Recently starting using a few BL460C blades with QLogic QMH2462 HBA installed.

The c7000 enclosure is using HP Virtual Connect for SAN connectivity.

The HBA's were configured to boot from SAN off a LUN on a HP EVA8000, but I've since changed it to boot from a LUN off an IBM SVC. The settings change fine in the QLogic Fast!Util setup and the machine boot from SAN as expected.

But when I reboot the blade the HBA reverts back to it's old configuration, e.g. back to the LUN config for the EVA.

QLogic QMH2462 Firmware 4.04.04, BIOS 2.08.

Any and all ideas/help would be great
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Re: Forgetful QLogic HBA

I have these blades and have not had an issue with changing boot LUNs, though the storage is always an EVA.

I am using Firmware 5.01.02 Bios 2.08 .

Perhaps its worth clearing the NVRAM on the blade and reconfiguring it?

Is there still zoning for these blades and the EVA storage? What if this is removed?
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Re: Forgetful QLogic HBA

My mistake.
Turn out the boot LUN was configured from the Virtual Connect manager.
I just had to change them there instead of the HBA BIOS.