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HP-UX and EVA 6000

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HP-UX and EVA 6000


HP-UX server is connected to EVA 3000 and Oracle Application is running on HP-UX server.

I need to connect HP-UX server to new EVA 6000 and migrate Oracle application to EVA 6000.

What is the best-practice to move HP-UX from EVA 3000 to EVA 6000?

Any help on Oracle migration is highly appriciated.

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Re: HP-UX and EVA 6000

Hi Darpan,

you question depends on some inputs:
- Downtime allowed ?
- GB of Data ?
- Continous Access Licences available ?

First way: With copy mechanism in the HP-UX Box.

You simply need to add the according Disks from the EVA 6000 in at least the same size as the EVA 3000 disks to the HP-UX box.

As a next step build a volume group for the
destination in parallel to the existing ones.

-> Migrate via "cpio" the EVA3000 -> EVA 6000 data.

You probably will need a downtime according to the size of the EVA3000/6000 migration volume for an oracle migration.

Second option:
Use CA functioanlity between EVA.
Unfortunately I am not 100% sure, if it works between 3000 + 6000 boxes !!


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Re: HP-UX and EVA 6000


Thanks for the reply. The data is around 300GB and downtime will be available for the migration.

Please let me know if following configuration will work for migration.

There are two HBA's in HP-UX system. I will connect one HBA to EVA 3000 and other to EVA 6000. Create new zone for HP-UX on SAN switch connected to EVA 6000. Assign the volume to HP-UX server and do the migration.



Re: HP-UX and EVA 6000

A much easier way would be to extend the volume group onto the EVA 6000, and use the HP LVM utilities to migrate the partitions from the old EVA to the LUNâ s (pdisks) on the new EVA. This could be done without affecting Oracle and with no downtime.

Once all the partitions are off of the OLD EVA, then just delete the pdisk from the VG.

This is assuming HP LVM to up to the task, I known the LVM on IBMâ s AIX would be.
Canâ t you ask your HP rep on how best to do this????