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HSG80 did not failover

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HSG80 did not failover

We have a pair of hsg80 and all servers have 2 hba's with secure path running windows 2000. We had a failure on a GLM on one hsg80 and the cluster crashed. The failover did not work.
All the disks went offline to the servers.
We had to reboot all servers.
We have tested secure path by pulling fibre cables and this works fine.
Why was the GLM a single point of failure?
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Re: HSG80 did not failover

Pls you answer my questiones: many ports you links the HSG80? many switches you use?
And you can use the "show this" and "show other" command to view the controller mode.
Use the "set failover=other" command to enable the failover mode.
If can't complete this command,you need to check the controller status to confirm if it's failed.
After do that,you can test the controller failover mode.
If any problem,pls send message.