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How many enclosure does EVA4000 support?

Chris Lu
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How many enclosure does EVA4000 support?

We have EVA4000 with 2C4D configuration. Could that be possible to add another enclosure to 2C5D? Or have to upgrade to EVA6000 first?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: How many enclosure does EVA4000 support?

Unfortunately you will have to upgrade to an EVA6000 first.
This means that you will need to purchase a pair of switches, upgrade/modify your licences and you will require downtime to do the upgrade as when you add the switches in the cabling will need to be modified. This should not take long to do 30-60mins max if you pre install all the other h/w first ready to go.
Once upgraded to a 2C5D it will be easy to add in the extra 3 shelves if required to take it up to a max 2C8D.
Check out this site:
for licence info and contact your local HP/third party rep for the h/w upgrade.
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