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I can't delete vdisk from an used disk

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I can't delete vdisk from an used disk


We have MSA2040 which we was exchange one drive due to damage. In bay 1.13 was installed an used drive that previously was member another volume without deleting first. Now our MSA shows additional volume and I cant delete this.

Currently I have 2 volumes: 1st completely operational, 2nd degraded Unfortunately I have 3th volme (which was showing with exchanged disk) and I cant drive 1.13 change them to be member of 2nd volume.

If I try to delete volume I get error: Unable to delete the volume(s).
Cannot modify a virtual disk when it is down. (00c0ff26779700007711f55601000000) - Volume 00c0ff26779700007711f55601000000 was NOT deleted. (2021-03-16 12:13:20)
Command failed. (2021-03-16 12:13:20)

If I try to delete vdisk I get error: Unable to delete the vdisk(s).
The delete operation failed because the vdisk is being used as a storage-pool component. (00c0ff26779700000911f55600000000) - Vdisk 00c0ff26779700000911f55600000000 was NOT deleted. (2021-03-16 12:15:15)
Command failed. (2021-03-16 12:15:15)

Can I please for any advice for me?

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Re: I can't delete vdisk from an used disk

I have seen this Issue.

We open a Support Case the SE connect remote and used a "hidden" command to force the delete.


I'm not an HPE employee, so I can be wrong.

Re: I can't delete vdisk from an used disk



This requires running advanced engineering commands to delete the metadata on the used disk.

Please log a HPE support case for assistance in this regard.


You may use the below link to log a support case using the unit details:

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