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Initial Configuration Guide

Jonathan Paul_1
Occasional Advisor

Initial Configuration Guide

I have started working on an EVA4400 and C7000. Hardware was purchased new and assembled. What I am looking for is a guide on what order I should be configuring things. I have been reading docs on the various components and working through things, but not in any order or so it seems. For example, right now I am looking at my 2 8/8 san switches and using the typical config option it tells me that no hba or storage devices are attached..Any advice is appreciated.
James Muell
Valued Contributor

Re: Initial Configuration Guide

JP, this is not alot to go on. For one thing, if you havent already, you need to implement switch zoning. Recommend single initiator port zoning. If you have the storage sys and host already cabled to the switches, they should be visible via an ssh or telnet session to one of the switches.