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Is it easy to extend the volume on MSA 2040

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Is it easy to extend the volume on MSA 2040

Can someone please explain what does the reserved,committed, and uncommitted means? Also can you use the uncommitted disk space with out causing disruption to the current config? Thanks


Re: Is it easy to extend the volume on MSA 2040

Reserved space is used for RAID parity and system metadata. The other definitions differ slightly depending on whether you are using virtual or linear storage pools. (Reference guide attached.)

For virtual storage:
• Allocated space is the amount of space that the data written to the pools takes.
• Unallocated space is space that is designated for a pool but has not yet been allocated by a volume within that pool.
• Uncommitted space is the overall space minus the allocated and unallocated space.

For linear storage:
• Allocated space is the space designated for all volumes. (When a linear volume is created, space equivalent to the
volume size is reserved for it. This is not the case for virtual volumes.)
• Unallocated space is the difference between the overall and allocated space.

You can use uncommitted space to create new volumes if you are careful about overcommitting. If virtual storage is overcommitted,  the amount of storage capacity that is designated for use by volumes exceeds the physical capacity of the storage system. On production systems, you generally do not want to overcommit. (Why? An ordinary user can make a mistake and use up all available storage, causing production to stop.)

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Re: Is it easy to extend the volume on MSA 2040

Thank you.