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Looking for part number for MSA60 right side bezel - not in manual

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Looking for part number for MSA60 right side bezel - not in manual


As Murphy would have it, the one part I am looking for is listed in the manual as N/A.


Does anybody know the part number for an MSA60 right side bezel, or have one they can pop off and read the number off the back?  ... or have the part?


Thanks in advance,

Brett J Forsyth



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Prakash Singh_1
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Re: Looking for part number for MSA60 right side bezel - not in manual



Could you specify the part name properly from the Pictorial Overview section in the link below:


Also you can refer the link below to get the part number from the MSA 60 complete part number list page:







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Re: Looking for part number for MSA60 right side bezel - not in manual


Partsurfer is a resource I know well, but does not show this part.  I have attached the service guide and if you reference pages 14 & 15 you will see the following table:


Item    Description                                          Spare part number      Customer self repair (on page 4)
4          Fan module                                          399052-001                   Mandatory1
5          7-segment display                            399057-001                   Optional2
6          Power supply                                       405914-001                   Mandatory1
7          Riser board                                           399056-001                   Optional2
8         Midplane                                                399051-001                    Optional2
9         Backplane                                              454574-001                   Optional2
10      Power on/off board with cable      399055-001                    Optional2
11      Front UID board                                   399053-001                    Optional2
12      Plastic cover                                                   —                                      —


It is the "Plastic cover" that I am looking for.  Now I have an MSA70 that uses a similar part (same physical part / different writing on front) - with 396760 CAV-1 etched on the back, and this I can find available on the internet. 


I was hoping for the same results if I can find the number from the back of the same part on the MSA60.


Thanks for you help,

Brett J Forsyth