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MSA 1000 Config Issue - Please Help

Peter Wayne Hughes
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MSA 1000 Config Issue - Please Help

Hi All,

I have an MSA 1000, I currently have a 2node cluster configured to use shared storage on an Array on this, I have created a second Array for a New Cluster, however I am having issues in configuring Selective Storage Presentation, I want to be able to restrict the new cluster from displaying the array/logical drives assigned to the old one and visa versa, Im not entirely sure how to configure this. Both clusters are Windows 2003. Do I need to specify the server names in the "connection name" box, and then select which logical drives this can see?
James Muell
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Re: MSA 1000 Config Issue - Please Help

Yes, you need to specify the host names and os type and assign the luns you want for cluster 1 to the 2 nodes and do the same for the other cluster nodes.