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MSA 1000 and WIN2k3 basic questions

Krisztian Monostori
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MSA 1000 and WIN2k3 basic questions


I have some very basic questions, but I,m new with MSA1000 and HP.

We bought four proliant server with one MSA1000 storage. All server have two HBA and securepath to connect the storage.

My questions:

1.In the ACU on the SSP page I see adater IDs How can I gues which adapter is in which Server.

2. I want to setup a common volume what is accesable from all servers. So I created a volume and added to all adapters in SSP. On one server I formated it (with WIN2k3 diskmanager utility) And copied some files on to volume. Any another server I can see th volume but not the files. Do I need to use some special softwer for this configuration, or I misconfigured something.

3. I know the basic RTFM rule of message groups :-) so where can I find some good documentation for setting up WIN2003 and MSA1000. In the HP site I found lot of stuff about the wires and the Rack mounting but not about the basic concepts and the software configurations:-)


Re: MSA 1000 and WIN2k3 basic questions

you can read docs on forum:

and site:

May be it will be help you.


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Uwe Zessin
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Re: MSA 1000 and WIN2k3 basic questions


1) it depends on the adapter vendor (Emulex or QLogic) which tool to use. What adapters are you using?

Another way is to follow the cable from the server to the fibre channel switch to find out which port it is connected to. Then, login to the switch and enter the command 'switchShow'. You will get a list all ports, their status and what WWN is connected (provided that you are running fabric protocol).

2) Eh? Windows has no built-in support for shared disk access! You will corrupt your filesystem(s) that way. Do not continue this way!! You have 2 choices:

a) Use the Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS). However, under MSCS only one system has access to the disk at a time - all others are explicitly locked out with a low-level SCSI reserve. This is known as a simple
failover cluster.

b) For shared access you need software like the Veritas Volume manager.

3.) The second URL that Efim gave you is the right one.