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MSA 1000 expanding array

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MSA 1000 expanding array

I have 8 nos of 146GB Ultra 3 Wide 15K hard disks in one array with RAID 6(ADG) configured on an MSA 1000. I have four logical drives created in this array.

I have inserted 3 addtional 147GB Ultra 3 Wide 10 K hard disks and wanted to add it to the exisitng array.

When i use the expand array feature i could see the 3 unassigned three disks and completed the configuration. The system then reconfigured the cache of the controller and started intializing the background parity of the exisitng logical drives but the new drives were not added into the array. They still appear in the unassigned category. There is also no change on the array disk space.

Does anyone know why i cannot add the new physical disks to the exisitng array ? As far as i can see the only difference is in the rotation speed of the new drives(10K) and exisitng drives(15K). Does this have any effect or there are some other reasons.

Thanks .