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MSA 2040: replace SAS controllers with FC (on the fly)

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MSA 2040: replace SAS controllers with FC (on the fly)

Hello, I'm in process of replacing SAS with FC.

Currently I have MSA 2040 with 2 servers connected to it using SAS.

I have FC switches in place, HBAs installed into servers and FC controllers ready to be installed.

Is it possible to shut down one SAS controller, replace it with FC one, bring FC controller up, reconnect volumes to hosts with FC MP and repeat the same for second SAS controller?

The idea is to save on rebuilding/reconfiguring MSA and restoring infrastructure from backups. This would rock :)

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Re: MSA 2040: replace SAS controllers with FC (on the fly)

Hi Al,

Unfortunately what you propose is not supported or the best way to replace the SAS controllers with  FC controllers. You cannot have two different fabric types connected to the same volumes.

Before you start you should take note of the host to volume access. You will then need to disconnect the hosts, shut down the array and remove all power. Insert the new controllers and power up the system correctly. Once the system is powered up verify the firmware on the controllers is current. A good place to verify the current firmware is:

I wouls suggest you upgrade your controllers prior to the hosts being reconnected. Once the system is ready then reconnect your hosts and perform the mapping steps as needed. You will also need to correctly configure MPIO on the hosts to ensure you have proper failover paths if needed.





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