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MSA change host-port-mode

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MSA change host-port-mode


could you help me with following question: our MSA 2040 (GL220P009) works with host-port-mode FC (all 4 ports are FC) and we have host connected to 1st interface. We need to connect iSCSI host to MSA so we plan to change host-port-mode to FC-and-iSCSI using "set host-port-mode FC-and-iSCSI" command. As for documentation 1st port will remain FC after this command but the question is - if other configurations (volume mappings and so on) remain? Will we need any reconfiguration after controllers' reboot to FC-and-iSCSI host-port-mode? What other problems with existing mappings, hosts are possible?

Thanks in advance for information and help.


Re: MSA change host-port-mode

For both controller modules, all ports can be set to FC, all ports can be set to iSCSI, or the first two ports in each
controller module can be set to FC and the second two ports can be set to iSCSI.
set host-port-mode command will immediately change the host port configuration, stop I/O, restart both controllers, and log event 236. After the controllers have restarted, you can use the set host-parameters command to configure the individual ports.

Regarding mappings, you need to unmap all your existing volume mappings before performing Host port mode change activity. You shouldn't have same volume presented through FC and iSCSI both protocols. After host port configuration completed then you can represent volumes again with designated ports either FC or iSCSI but not combination of both for same volume.

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Re: MSA change host-port-mode

@SUBHAJIT KHANBARMAN_1  Can you please confirm if it's safe to switch from FC to iSCSI with no risk of data partition loss?

I've already configured Ext4 partitions on the MSA 2050 storage which is currently connected via FC. 

And I'm going to move to iSCSI protocol.


Re: MSA change host-port-mode

Dear Rohit,

The host uses the iSCSI or FC protocol to see the storage volumes.

Storage volumes created from RAID still reside on the MSA. Thus, all you are doing is changing the protocol on the host to connect with MSA storage volumes.

The best procedure is to configure iSCSI connection/paths between the host and MSA, which is to discover the iSCSI host on the MSA, present a test volume to the host, rescan volume at the host level and verify if it is accessible.

This will make sure the iSCSI setup is working, and then you may decide to move (unmap and map) your production volumes to the iSCSI connection in the downtime window.


To access storage volume from a host via iSCSI and FC at the same time is not supported.

You can set up your iSCSI network in many ways. Consult your network administrator for tips on selecting the best configuration for your environment.

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Re: MSA change host-port-mode

There is no risk involved if you want to change host port mode from FC to iSCSI. This is just related to which protocol and interface you want to use for data transfer. Important point to keep this in mind that this is offline process.

Regarding your data and filesystem level partitions or MSA vdisk and volumes information all reside in drive metadata so all is safe.


Hope this helps!

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