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MSA configuration

I have an MSA 1040 connected to one host on Port 1A and 1B connected by FB.  The enclosure has two arrays setup.  One array has one volume that is mapped to all 4 ports.   I would like to create a new volume on the 2nd array and map it to ports 2A and 2B.  Since the fist volume was mapped to all 4 ports but only two are needed what is the best way to reconfigure the MSA?  Do I need to explicity remapped the first volume so that it only mappes to 1A and 1B and then create the new volume and map it to 2A and 2B?  I think when the first volume was set it it should not have been mapped to all four ports but it is.  Can this be undone without any corruption or data loss?


Thank you for any help.

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Re: MSA configuration

consider this - if a controller has failed, the LUN in question is no longer mapped and presented ... all 4 ports is not that bad.

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