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MSA1000 - Disk Initialization Problem

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MSA1000 - Disk Initialization Problem

I'm having a problem connecting Windows 2008 SP2 to a SAN.

The SAN is host to 4 servers:

1 x W2K (Development Server)
2 x W2K3 (Clustered Exchange, File & Print)
1 x W2K8 (Backup Server)

1 x HP MSA1000 SAN

I've given the HBA in the W2K8 server access to all drives in the SAN through HP ACU. The drives show in Disk Manager but all the drives that are in the Cluster will not initialize.

I'm getting 'The requested resource is in use' error.

Do I need to shut the clusters down/take the drives offline in Cluster Administrator?

The idea is that the Backup server will access all drives on the SAN directly to backup, isntead of going over the LAN as there is a fair amount of data to be backed up.

Uwe Zessin
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Re: MSA1000 - Disk Initialization Problem

NTFS does not allow sharing a filesystem volume between two or more servers. That is why the Microsoft Cluster uses SCSI reservations to protect the disk.