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MSA1000 & FCA2404

Jorge A Lumbreras G
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MSA1000 & FCA2404

Hello, I currently have an MSA1000 with SAN Switch 2/16 EL and FCA2101 HBAs running under Windows 2000 Server...have some questions:
1- I want to upgrade servers to Windows 2003, I tried to setup a FCA2101 with Windows 2003 and could not make the driver to work, always get an yellow mark in Device Manager, is it possible to use the FCA2101 with Windows 2003?

2-Tried to setup a FCA2404 in Windows 2003, although Windows 2003 seems to have no problem with the FCA2404 driver... when I connect it to the MSA1000 it keeps connectiing and loosing the connection... does the MSA1000 supports the FCA2404 under Windows 2003?

Thanks in advanced,
James Muell
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Re: MSA1000 & FCA2404

1st you need to review the MSA1000 compatability matrix to align your MSA firmware version, HBA, HBA driver, and the OS. What MSA firmware are you using?
Here is a link for MSA firmware v 4.32:

Both HBAs are listed with the drivers and firmware versions you need to have. The simpliest way to get this done - except for the HBA firmware -- is to run the MSA1xxx CD applet to install it for you.

You did not say if these were redundant HBAs, but if so you'll need multipath software as well. Also, sense your connecting to a external fabric all your zoning would need to be correctly configured.