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MSA1000 and Server2008 MPIO

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MSA1000 and Server2008 MPIO

I'm using Server 2008 r2 on a bl460c.

The SAN storage for the configuration is currently set up to an msa1000 with a 500gB LUN.

When I try to run the cluster hardware verification I get a failed message and a note the system does not have the MPIO installed.

I have found the following HP site and am essentially looking for confirmation of my understanding that the MSA1000 MPIO support only extends to IA64 windows systems, and not x86_64 systems.

If it is compatible and I am mistaken, could I please get a link to the proper files and intructional?

Thank you,

Johnny von Heimerall
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Re: MSA1000 and Server2008 MPIO

Hi Aaron,

MPIO DSM is bundled in all versions of windows 2008 server. (you install it as a feature)

To install Multipath I/O
Open Server Manager.

To open Server Manager, click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Server Manager.

In the Features area, click Add Features.

On the Select Features page of the Add Features Wizard, select Multipath I/O, and then click Next.

On the Confirm Installation Selections page, click Install.

When installation has completed, click Close.

Check here for the full MS MPIO guide:

You also need a MSA fw version of minimum 7.0.

Please see attached file for full compatibility from SPOCK.
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Re: MSA1000 and Server2008 MPIO

I do have the MPIO feature installed on the boxe in question. I also have two identicle sized LUNs created on two seperate MSA1000 units.

I guess a guide for the proper physical/MSA side of things for a MPIO setup would be useful.

Thus far the MSA LUN that's been assigned to the system is not being acknowledged as MPIO. (No tab in the properties of the disk under disk management)

Could this be an issue that I'm attempting to get the MPIO to be recognized on a Server 2008 R2 w/ hypervisor system?

Thank you immensely for any help.