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MSA1000 controller



I have inherited a MSA1000 setup configured as follows and since I'm new at this I need your help.




* two DL380 G5 with two HBA each.

* two hp storageworks 2/8q Fibre Channel Switches

* one MSA1000 box with two controllers.




Server one is connected to each fibre channel switch vi one HBA same goes for the second server. Controller one on MSA1000 is connected to fibre channel switch one and controller two is connected to the second fibre channel switch.


The MSA1000 and Fibre channel switches are not connected to any ethernet network.




MSA1000 is 7.00.




1. How do I confgiure the HBAs?

2. How do I manage the fibre channel switches? (Switch manager?)

3.  As you can see below all traffic is only via one fibre channel switch and Controller. It should go over both??


 Redundancy Settings

Redundant Path    OK

Redundancy Status    OK

Redundancy Mode    Active-Active

Controller 1 Serial Number    XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Controller 2 Serial Number    XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Preferred Path Mode    Automatic

Controller 1 Preferred Path    
Logical Drive 1
Logical Drive 2
Logical Drive 3
Logical Drive 4

Controller 2 Preferred Path