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MSA1000 + file srv + sql srv fibre channel + msl 2024

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Nicky Maddison
Occasional Visitor

MSA1000 + file srv + sql srv fibre channel + msl 2024


We have just place a new msa1000 + msa30 enclosure. 1 RAID 5 on 7 300 G HDD data, 2 x RAID 1+0 on 4 146 G HDD sql db + sql logs + 1 RAID 5 on 6 300 G HDD for backup.

We have a problem when we place data on any volume from one server, the other server does not see them. even on the same LUN.

All the LUN are connected on the 2 servers. on diffrent letters. (is it normal?)

Sometime I have an error message saying the recycle bin on diffrent volume is corrupt.

I have no clue what to do.

Thank a lot for your help.

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA1000 + file srv + sql srv fibre channel + msl 2024

Well, a plain Windows server cannot share a volume with another server, because it simply does not know how to do that. Each server treats the volumes as if it has exclusive access which leads to corruptions as you have found out.

If you don't need to share the volumes (maybe a file share is sufficient), use selective storage presentation (SSP) on the MSA1000 to control which server has access to which logical disk.

Otherwise you need to buy a third-party software. Microsoft clustering (MSCS) does not provided shared volume access either.
Nicky Maddison
Occasional Visitor

Re: MSA1000 + file srv + sql srv fibre channel + msl 2024


Thanks a lot for your help.

1 Have you got a software to make the SAN volume available on both servers or even more. I have no clue.

2 We are using backup Exec 11D for windows server + SSO + Central administration server. We were hopping to backup data from msa1000 to MSA30 (backup to disk for speed and time) and then Backup them on the tape library. To avoid data to be transfered on the LAN but well on the fibre channel connection.

Thanks again for your precious help.