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MSA1000 on Tru64: problem after firmware update

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MSA1000 on Tru64: problem after firmware update

We have an ES40 + MSA1000 (fabric). Tru64 (rev. 5.1A-PK6) is on the MSA1000 + many oracle domains.
The MSA1000 f/w rev. = 4.32
There are one single controller in the MSA1000 and one single HBA in the host.
I were testing the firmware update procedure:
1.- update MSA1000 f/w to the same actual version (4.32)
2.- shutdown Tru64
3.- power cycle MSA1000
>>> at the startup, one of the drives got failed.
Everything else is OK.
4.- Change drive & start rebuild
5.- add spare (there was no spare before)
4.- reboot Tru64
>>> several AdvFS domain panics

After some investigation I find that the firmware update has CHANGED the connection PROFILE from Tru64 to Default !!

I restored the right value back to Tru64.
In the MSA1000 all units seem to be OK, some of them are still rebuilding but the status is OK.

Now I have lost /usr and 3 more oracle domains.
Rebooting the server doesn't change anything.
The fixfdmn can't help.

The problems are in some of the units that live in the Array that uses the failed disk, but all units were RAID5 protected.

Any ideas to share ?
Be carefull whith this box !!.