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Re: MSA2012fc disk scrubbing never ends

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MSA2012fc disk scrubbing never ends

Hi folks!

I´ve installed a MSA2012fc with dual controllers with FW J200P19.

I've created 2 vdisk with 12 146 Gb disk in each, this was three weeks ago and still it says disk scrubbing and a yellow flash icon shows on each vdisk...

Is this normal?

I mean three weeks! I think this is impacting the performance on the arrays. After two weeks I changed the priority to low just in case...

There is a new FW released, Could a FW-upgrade solve my problems?

Gary Forrest
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Re: MSA2012fc disk scrubbing never ends


Whilst this is not a answer, sorry.
We too have this problem.

We have a MSA 2012i, and MSA 1000 shelf
configured with two arrays,

6 x 300 dual port sas 15K
array built 2 Aug 2008

12 x 750 Sata
raid 6 + hot spare
array built 8 aug 2008

and both are still showing as ' vscrub '



Re: MSA2012fc disk scrubbing never ends

we also had the same problem.
i ended up turning the default priority to low to help performance and i also ended up turning the disk scrubbing off.
we have 3 shelfs full of 1Tb drives.
Robert Campbell the 2nd
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Re: MSA2012fc disk scrubbing never ends

Same problem here. How does one switch off disk scrubbing? Firmware is the latest available at time of posting 30/3/2009 dd/m/yyyy
Uwe Zessin
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Re: MSA2012fc disk scrubbing never ends

According to customer advisory "c01632044 - HP StorageWorks 2000fc Modular Smart Array - SCSI Maintenance Command Completed: cmd = UseCDBNDW drive = Channel:x ID:yy SN:XXXXXXXX Encl:a Slot:b Command Failed"

""To stop the Initialize or Verify utility, go to the Abort A Vdisk Utility page. To stop the background scrub of virtual disks, go to the General Config -> System Configuration page. You cannot stop the Expand or Reconstruct utility unless you delete the virtual disk.""

(I did not check any of the manuals - it should be documented there as well)