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MSA2040 SAS dual Controller - Performance question

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MSA2040 SAS dual Controller - Performance question


Q1:  if I configure all drives into 4 x 10disk-raid6 disk-groupes,  and put them all together into the same "virtual pool - Storage A"   >> will this virtual pool ( storage A ) be accessed with active/active over both SAS Ports A/B ?

Q2: if i have the above config, is the attached D2700 enclosure accessed over both Controllers A/B, active/active ?

Q3: finally is "storage A" related to Controller/SAS-port A and does only do failover to Controller/SAS-port B in case of error, or are both paths active/active ?

Q4: would there be any benefit from 4 x 10disk-raid6 disk-groupes vs 8 x 6disk-raid6 disk-groupes ( all in one virtual Pool )