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MSA2040 error code 473

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MSA2040 error code 473


Event 473 will be logged in the MSA2040.
View MSA Event Descriptions Reference Guide and has the following description.
Info. The indicated volume is using more than its threshold percentage of its virtual pool.
This is an indication that the storage usage crossed the user-specified threshold for this volume. If the storage usage
drops below the threshold, event 474 is logged.
Recommended actions
• No action is required. How this information is utilized is left to the discretion of the user.

MSA Event Descriptions Reference Guide For firmware release GL220
However, this is What means that there is often the use of volume to the virtual pool.
There is no threshold of change set for this is the MSA2040.

HP MSA 2040 CLI Reference Guide

Only it has been described as "thresholdpercent-of-pool For internal use only."
But it has 10% of the threshold is set.