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MSA2312i controller firmware needed

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MSA2312i controller firmware needed


We have an old MSA2000i G2 which was used in a test lab.  Its controllers (model AJ803A) died because of a power outage - They display the error "Warning The system is currently unavailable." when accessing them via the web interface.

The office is being closed next month and we are scrapping most of the old equipment.  However, as I believe this old MSA still has some value, we would like to donate it to a charity, but this is impossible in its current, inoperable state.

As a result, I would like to have one last chance at resurrecting the device, otherwise it will have to be scrapped (which seems wasteful).  As it appears to be a firmware issue, I am assuming that this would still be possible to fix it via the FTP upload method.  However, I no longer have the firmware files and the support contract has long since expired.

Is this something that anyone can help with?

Thanks in advance,



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Re: MSA2312i controller firmware needed

Since it is not running, firmware won't help you.

Can you access via telnet/ssh?

Since data is not a concern, I probably would remove all disks and try to boot with a single controller only, one by one and see if you get it up.

Hope this helps!

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