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Migration from HP P2000 TO MSA 2040

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Migration from HP P2000 TO MSA 2040

We have one customer with HP P2000 who wants to upgrate to HP msa 2040 storage But they have important data in the existing P 2000. So could you suggest any migration plas for this project.Do we need any software for implementing this project 

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Re: Migration from HP P2000 TO MSA 2040


I have done this and it work.

But you need some (Offline) time.

As I renember:

Data stays, but Software Configuration is lost.

You have to configure MSA Name and IP, ect. and all Presentation.

So notice all Config.

And the Server MPIO Name changes from "HP      P2" to "HP      MSA 2040 SAN    ".

You have to reconfig and reboot the atached Server.

Read the "Upgrading to the HPE MSA 1040 or HPE MSA 2040/2042" Paper.


I'm not an HPE employee, so I can be wrong.
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Re: Migration from HP P2000 TO MSA 2040

What P2000 are we talking about? If it is a G3 and is using 6Gb SAS drives, you have a few options to upgrade:

  • You can do a "data in place" upgrade and move the 6Gb SAS drives into the new MSA 2040.  You move the drives and new system recognizes old disk groups and volumes.  The downside is these volumes are “linear’ so thin provisioning, tiering, read cache, wide striping won’t work.  So to take advantage of SSDs and these features, you would need to “migrate” the volumes onto new “Virtual” volumes.  This can only be done via host side migration. 
  • You can upgrade the P2000 by replacing the controllers with MSA 2040 controllers.  Again, you can only do this if all the drives are 6Gb SAS.  If you did this, you can not use SSDs in the old enclosures.  

@Cali mentioned the white paper about upgrading - here is a link to it.  

If the P2000 is NOT a G3 and doesn't have 6Gb SAS drives, they you'll have to use a server based data migration. The obvious choice (if you are using VMware) is vMotion.  Another one that I hear people talk about using is DoubleTake software.  I was just talking to a customer yesterday on SpiceWorks who is migrating data on a 3PAR and he wanted to use RoboCopy.  

I personally haven't used any of these so I'm not making a recommendation but giving you a few things I've heard others talk about using for data migration. 

Hope that helps.

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Re: Migration from HP P2000 TO MSA 2040

>> If the P2000 is NOT a G3 ...

The P2000 is also known as MSA2000 G3 now, a result of the naming confusion created by HP some time ago when all storage devices were renamed to P... something (P2000, P4000, P6000, P9000).

Hope this helps!

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