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Monitoring EVA5000

Mohammad Yusuf
Occasional Contributor

Monitoring EVA5000

We have an EVA5000. I need to monitor the SAN performance as well, and if possible, the fabric performance too. I normally use teh brocade switch interface to monitor the fabric performance and use EvaPerf for SAN performance figures. However EvaPerf does not give me any latencies nor can I get detailed monitoring at various levels or any reports. What can I use to monitor my SAN? I believe Storage Essentials is a solution, but probably an expensive solution at that? Any help?

Chris Rosan
Valued Contributor

Re: Monitoring EVA5000

I have an EVA8000 and there are plugin's for Microsoft Performance monitor (perfmon). Have you tried that?

A friend told me recently to try this one:

It's mean to work on many/most SAN's. I haven't had a chance to try it so your feedback would be good.

It also does SAN switches.

Their software is also VERY reasonably priced.
Mohammad Yusuf
Occasional Contributor

Re: Monitoring EVA5000

Thank you Chris,

I did try out the Windows PerfMon extensions to monitor SAN parameters but I did find differences in the figures reported by this and by EvaPerf. It might have been doe to some mistake from my side but I need to be sure from HP that both reporty the same figures.

Thank you for the reference to the third party software.

Best regards,