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Move EVA5000


Move EVA5000


At the end of this year, our eva 5000 have to move to another room.
What's the best way to proceed ? There is HP support procedure ?

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Re: Move EVA5000

The easiest way is for you to use HP and they will move it for you.
If you choose to do it yourself then in a nutshell:
1: Make sure you get a full / complete /bullet proof backup before you move the EVA, just in case.
2: Ensure you have all the cabling infrastucture in place BEFORE you move the EVA - this will reduce downtime.
You will need power, cooling, fabric switches & cabling etc all in place ready to hook up.
3: If you are moving to another fabric, make sure you have your zoning sorted out ready to implement once you have hooked in your EVA. Don't forget, if you move to a new fabric are all the severs still able to communicate with the EVA ? especially the SMA/SMS so that you can check the EVA is OK after the move before giving it back to the users.
4: EVA's are VERY HEAVY ! I have heard of them falling through the floor of computer rooms! Make sure that the path from A to B is big enough for you to move the EVA around and that the floor is strong enough.
5: give yourself as much time as you can to complete the move, don't think it will take just 5mins - it never does !!!
That's about it really for a simple move - unless anybody else can think of something?

If all you have to do is move the EVA from one room/place to another in the same building/floor then it should not be too hard to move it yourself as long as you consider the points above . If you have to move upstairs, between sites, etc then it gets more complicated!

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Re: Move EVA5000

thank you for all this element.

Effectively, i've not realized all the things to verify !
I think, the best way is to call HP...

We have BC with 1 TB licence. I think to use it .

The eva must be move across two stair ;-). To additionnal HP Support, few mover men are necessary !