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P2000 Disk Firmware Issue

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P2000 Disk Firmware Issue

Hi All,


Ordered 24 x 900GB 10 SAS Drives for my P2000 G3 P/N: 619291-B21.


All arrived and I thought it best to update firmware levels on both controllers (went well!) and disks (which were on a mix of HPD3 and HPD4 firwares.

The firmware level I tried was the HPD6 firmware for that disk , note internally (on disk platter) disthis is listed as a EG0900FBVFQ model. Spare numner at front is 619463-001.


Note I cannot find a reference for firmware upgrade on the P2000 when looking for the EG0900FBVFQ, yet its accompanying part number 619291-B121 is clearly shown as supported on the P2000 G3 quickspecs.


I think this a server disk that is compatible with the p2000 and FULLY supported (according to HP). So how do I upgrade the firmware , I dont want to remove the disks , stick them in a server and then run the HPD6 update! This would be a nightmare going forward and no doubt casue issues.


Can anyone shed some light on this?


Any inpute would be appreciated



Occasional Advisor

Re: P2000 Disk Firmware Issue



Hopefully this will help out if anyone ends up with this in the future.


The 900GB disk HPD4 version firmware is not on general release yet for the P2000 but some shipped disks from HP may have this applied. HP will release the P2000 HPD4 firmware in the near future.

In the mean time its safe to operate HPD3 and HPD4 firmwares together in an array.


This info straight from HP Level 2 support.