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P2000 Multi Disk failure

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P2000 Multi Disk failure



On our MSA P2000 we face a strane behaviour,


- a disk failed

- when we replace the failed disk, an other failed immediatly. This happen 3 times !!!

- We update all the MSA controller and drives

- after replacing 2 drives (only 2 because the lack of drives from HP) all fine

- the drive was replaced today, and when ejecting that drive for replacement, an other one failed immediatly


Is there an advisory about that or known bug ?



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Re: P2000 Multi Disk failure

I'm seeing the same behavior with my P2000 LFF Disk array. I was running firmware TS240R037 at the time, and each disk I tried to use in slot 7, when selected as a global spare, would immediately fail. I've replaced the disk twice already, and I am currently updating to firmware TS240P003 to see if there is any change. I will report back here when the firmware update is complete.


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Re: P2000 Multi Disk failure

After the firmware update, I went in and configured the troublesome drive as a global spare with no errors. Looks like the solution is to update your controller firmware.