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Performance question


Performance question

As you can see from my previus thread im trying to setup a MSA2012fc with a single MSA2000 expansion. It's connected with a Emulex LightPulse A80003A in a DL380G5 Running Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.

In the setup I have 24 x 146Gb 15k disks.
So in theory I have about 3.5TB

I want to make the fastest performing array, and I want at least about 2.5TB in one single volume, when it's configured on the server.

ATM I have 2 x RAID5 with 12 drives in each, and then I span them into one large volume on the server.

Please help me out here.



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Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Performance question

Would you consider RAID0 then to make the fastest performing array?

What do you consider a fast performing array?
A certain amount of MB/s?
Fast response time?

I could not find any hits about this A80003A - I guess you mean the A8003A? That is a LPe11002 - this have two fc ports. Would you want to connect both and theoretically get double?

Generally RAID1 has lots of benefits over RAID5, but would not work because you would only have half of the 3.5TB.
But, when you mean performing I assume you do not include things like array recovery/rebuild, where R1 is a lot_lot faster.

Have you looked into block sizes and other options that you can tune for the file system?
How about the HBA's parameters like queue depth?