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Problems with the backup

Victor H Rodriguez
Occasional Contributor

Problems with the backup

Good Morning:

I have some problems with the backup since a few days ago.

I am receiving the following error messages:

From: "SAN:LTO" Time: 17/04/2007 4:34:29 AM
Cannot open exchanger control device (Invalid device file type.)

From: "SAN:LTO" Time: 17/04/2007 4:34:29 AM
The device "SAN:LTO" could not be opened("Device could not be accessed")

From: "SAN:LTO" Time: 17/04/2007 4:34:29 AM
Starting the device path discovery process.

From: "SAN:LTO" Time: 17/04/2007 4:34:30 AM
Device address not found.

I dont have problems with linux boxes running before this schedule but when finished the first windows box I have problems with all the next windows boxes and I got the message show above. I was reading on the Documentation and I found that I need to reload my controller, I did it but the problem still continue.

My backups were running without any problems a week ago.

I am running Data Protector 5.5

Do you have any solution for this problem?